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Selenium Tellurium Gold

  • Selenium in Some Epithermal Deposits of Antimony

    Selenium In Some Epithermal Deposits Of Antimony

    grained) igneous sources, and commonly contain tellurium, but little selenium. SELENIUM IN EPITHERMAL DEPOSITS OF SILVER AND GOLD Seleniferous epithermal deposits of silver and gold are widespread, and well known. Lindgren (1933) and Nolan (1933) have published short descriptions of some of them and the listing of deposits compos

  • Tellurium and Selenium Mineralogy of Gold Deposits in

    Tellurium And Selenium Mineralogy Of Gold Deposits In

    Mineralization of Te and Se was found in gold deposits and uranium occurrences, located in the Paleoproterozoic greenstone belts in Northern Fennoscandia. These deposits are of different genesis, but all of them formed at the late stages of the Svecofennian orogeny, and they have common geochemical association of metals Au, Cu, Co, U, Bi, Te, and Se.


    Determination Of Tellurium 911 Metallurgist

    selenium, gold, and silver are the same in both procedures. The volumetric method is a.pplicable to samples containing a minimum of 10 parts per million of tellurium, In this method the tellurium is reduced to elemental form, and the colloida suspension is titrated with 0.01 normal iodine solution.

  • Tellurium USGS

    Tellurium Usgs

    Tellurium Chapter R of. ... scandium titanium chromium manganese iron cobalt nickel copper zinc gallium germanium arsenic selenium bromine krypton ... tantalum tungsten rhenium osmium iridium platinum gold mercury thallium lead bismuth polonium astatine radon thorium lanthanum

  • PDF Selenium tellurium mineralisation in

    Pdf Selenium Tellurium Mineralisation In

    Jan 06, 2013 Upon examination of the mineralised veins, several polymetallic mineral phases of selenium, tellurium and gold were identified as inclusion assemblages within the chalcopyrite-

  • A Novel Process For Recovery Of Te And Se From Copper

    A Novel Process For Recovery Of Te And Se From Copper

    tellurium, selenium, silver, gold and traces of platinum group metals. In order to recover the precious metals from slimes, refineries must first complete the separation of copper, tellurium and selenium prior to refining silver and gold to pure products. Phelps Dodge Refining Corporation - El Paso, (Figure 1), employs autoclaving for copper

  • A study of the losses of gold during cupellation in the

    A Study Of The Losses Of Gold During Cupellation In The

    ounoes gold or less have only one-tenth per cent tellurium (with lower-grade ores the tellurium contents is still smaller). If all the tellurium in such an are should pass into the lead button, and . if . the temperature of cupellation be kept below seven hundred thirty degrees Centigrade, the loss is only slightly if at . 111

  • Mineral Resource of the Month Tellurium

    Mineral Resource Of The Month Tellurium

    Jun 13, 2018 Tellurium is currently recovered as a byproduct of nonferrous metal mining, principally from the anode slimes associated with electrolytic refining of copper. In copper ores, tellurium forms stable crystalline compounds (called tellurides) of gold, silver, bismuth, mercury, platinum and palladium that tend to accumulate in residual ore fluids. The element was first identified in 1782 in Transylvanian

  • Deselenization and detellurization of preciousmetal ore

    Deselenization And Detellurization Of Preciousmetal Ore

    Feb 18, 2017 In the alkaline leaching residue, the contents of selenium, tellurium, gold, platinum, and palladium are 0.7825%, 5.492%, 8.333%, 0.2587%, and 1.113%, respectively the precious metals are enriched approximately sixfold. Download to read the full article text.

  • Mineral Resource of the Month Tellurium

    Mineral Resource Of The Month Tellurium

    Jun 13, 2018 Tellurium belongs to the chalcogen chemical family, along with oxygen, sulfur, selenium and polonium. Oxygen and sulfur are nonmetals, polonium is a metal, and selenium and tellurium are metalloids. However, selenium and tellurium are often referred to as metals when in elemental form, and have semiconducting electrical properties that make ...

  • Recovery Of Precious Metals And Production Of Selenium

    Recovery Of Precious Metals And Production Of Selenium

    Both these bullions have unusually high gold, selenium and tellurium content. The average assay of raw slimes produced from domestic and Noranda anodes is about 40 per cent Cu, 3600 oz. per ton Ag, 800 oz. per ton Au, 22 per cent Se and 3.7 per cent Te.

  • EP0020826A1 A hydrometallurgical process for recovering

    Ep0020826a1 A Hydrometallurgical Process For Recovering

    gold tellurium selenium silver extraction Prior art date 1979-06-14 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) Granted Application number EP79301148A Other languages German (de) French (fr) Other ...

  • Selenium and tellurium in meteorites ScienceDirect

    Selenium And Tellurium In Meteorites Sciencedirect

    Selenium and 141 ANN Dl-FRKSlsri tellurium were separated from the bulk of the material by precipitation as the metals using gold as a carrier. Hydrazine hydrochloride, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, sulphur dioxide gas. saturated sulphurous acid solution, and stannous chloride were tried and found to be unsatisfactory as precipitating agents.

  • Selenim Tellurium Anual

    Selenim Tellurium Anual

    Selenium and tellurium were also recovered as byproducts of gold, lead, nickel, platinum-group metals, and zinc. Production Three primary electrolytic copper refineries produced selenium- and tellurium-containing intermediate products in the United States in 2017.

  • ASX RELEASE 11 May 2020 Discovery at Golden Ways of

    Asx Release 11 May 2020 Discovery At Golden Ways Of

    May 11, 2020 cadmium, selenium and tellurium from 149m downhole as well as2m 5.2% sulphur, 0.23% copper, 1.5g/t silver and anomalous zinc, cobalt, nickel, arsenic, bismuth, selenium, tellurium and gold where intermittent fingers of massive sulphide were observed from

  • Selenium stories Nature Chemistry

    Selenium Stories Nature Chemistry

    Jun 23, 2011 Selenium is a semi-metallic element that belongs to the family of chalcogens (group 15). Placed just between sulfur and tellurium in that column of

  • Thermolysis of sulphides precipitated by sodium sulphide

    Thermolysis Of Sulphides Precipitated By Sodium Sulphide

    Thermolysis of selenium, tellurium, gold, platinum, ruthenium, lead, bismuth, cadmium, silver, palladium or indium sulphide precipitated by sodium sulphide has been studied. The methods used for drying and weighing these sulphides are reliable, except in the case of

  • Selenium or tellurium elemental hydrosols and their

    Selenium Or Tellurium Elemental Hydrosols And Their

    Feb 19, 1992 The invention relates to a process for the preparation of a sol of a metallic or a non-metallic element, such as selenium, tellurium, gold and silver, wherein said process comprises the reduction of a chemical compound, which contains said element in a reducible state, with a borane compound, such as an alkali metal borohydride or an amine borane, as the reducing agent.

  • Tellurium from Copper Anode Slime to High Purity Product

    Tellurium From Copper Anode Slime To High Purity Product

    Oct 06, 2020 The tellurium concentration in the earths crust is reported to be around 15 ppb, which is considerably lower in comparison to its concentration in copper anode slime (generally 0.5 to 4 wt pct). In nature, tellurium is mainly found as tellurides of copper and gold. Unlike tellurium, selenium can substitute sulfur in minerals.

  • Tellurium ION4RAW

    Tellurium Ion4raw

    Tellurium is a chemical element with the symbol Te and atomic number 52. It is a brittle, mildly toxic, rare, silver-white metalloid. Tellurium is chemically related to selenium and sulfur, all three of which are chalcogens. It is occasionally found in native form as elemental crystals. Tellurium is far more common in the Universe as a whole ...

  • PDF Tellurium and Selenium Mineralogy of Gold Deposits

    Pdf Tellurium And Selenium Mineralogy Of Gold Deposits

    Gold-, selenium-, and tellutium-rich fluids are potentially linked with the post-Svecofennian thermal event and intrusion of post-orogenic granites (1.791.75 Ga) in the Salla-Kuolajarvi and ...


    Se Te Stda

    Tellurium was discovered in 1782 by an Austrian chemist, Von Reichenstein, while examining gold ore from Transylvania. Selenium was discovered in 1817 by a Swedish chemistry professor, Berzelius. They are widely dispersed in the earths crust at average levels less abundant than silver.

  • Thin layer chromatographic separation of gold selenium

    Thin Layer Chromatographic Separation Of Gold Selenium

    Dec 01, 1970 Thin layer chromatographic separation of gold, selenium, tellurium, platinum and palladium as their diethyldithiocarbamate complexes. Abstract. Errata Chromatographia 3, 1970 page 499 The correct headings are Thin Layer Chromatographic Separation of Gallium, Indium, Thallium, Zinc and Cadmium as their Diethyldithiocarbamate Complexes DQnnschicht-chromatographische Trennung


    Selenium And Tellurium State Of The Markets

    Tellurium accounts for 1106 mass % of the Earths core and is rarer than selenium. As selenium, tel- As selenium, tel- lurium is a chalcophile and is encountered in sulfide deposits of copper and polymetallic and gold-bearing ores.

  • Selenium and Tellurium IMYB2014 IBM

    Selenium And Tellurium Imyb2014 Ibm

    SELENIUM AND TELLURIUM 14 Selenium and Tellurium S elenium and tellurium metals are recovered as by-products during copper , lead-zinc, gold and platinum ore processing. The principal sources of selenium are sulphide deposits and anode mud or slime obtained during electrolytic refining of copper. Tellurium is found mostly in tellurides

  • Selenium Contrary Stuff

    Selenium Contrary Stuff

    Selenium and tellurium, however, are usually just two of such byproducts from copper and lead ores, with gold and silver (and, sometimes, palladium and platinum) being usually equally, if not more ...

  • Frontiers Selective Preleaching of Tellurium From

    Frontiers Selective Preleaching Of Tellurium From

    Mar 25, 2021 Previously, the authors research team obtained tellurium-gold-silver mixed concentrates from tellurium-type gold ores typical of the Xiaoqinling area by flotation, and obtained tellurium, gold, and silver with average grades of 241.61, 90.30, and 92.74 g/t with superior recoveries of 95.42, 97.28, and 94.65%, respectively, but did not ...

  • Tellurium Umicore

    Tellurium Umicore

    Tellurium was discovered in gold-bearing ores by Mller von Reichenstein in 1782 and was given its name (after tellus, earth) by Klaproth in 1798. It is still only found in combination with other metal ores like gold and copper. Properties. Crystalline tellurium is a silvery metal with a typical metallic lustre.


    Action Of Tellurium And Selenium On Gold And

    Laser Ablation Synthesis of Gold Selenides by using a Mass Spectrometer as a Synthesizer Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry. Chemistry - A European Journal 2016, 22 (32) ,

  • Binary and Ternary Cluster Complexes Containing Gold

    Binary And Ternary Cluster Complexes Containing Gold

    Feb 24, 2004 Binary and Ternary Cluster Complexes Containing Gold-Selenium, Gold-Indium-Selenium and Gold-Gallium-Tellurium Synthesis and Structures of Au 5 Se 2 (PPh 3) 4Cl, (Au 3 Se) 2 Ph 2 P(CH 2) 6 PPh 2 3Cl 2, Au 10 Se 4 Ph 2 P(CH 2) 5 PPh 2 4InCl 5, Au 4 (SeInCl 3) 2 Ph 2 P(CH 2) 5 PPh 2 2, Au 2 (TeGaCl 3)Ph 2 P(CH 2) 6 PPh 2 2 and Au 8 Se 4 InPh 2 P(CH 2) 2

  • Selenium and tellurium state of the markets the crisis

    Selenium And Tellurium State Of The Markets The Crisis

    Jul 17, 2010 This sludge contains 525% selenium in the form of compounds with noble metals, so that the main objective of technologists is to first extract gold and silver in the sludge and only then extract its selenium and tellurium (in the present sludge processing technology, factories extract Se and Te first and then the Dore alloy AuAg).

  • Sulfides Selenides and Tellurides rebellious and

    Sulfides Selenides And Tellurides Rebellious And

    Well, sulfides, selenides and tellurides are simply minerals which contain sulfur, selenium, and tellurium combined with some metal. Unusually this is the metal we are interested in, but sometimes other valuable metals can be mixed in as trace elements. An example of this is when gold occurs disbursed through a crystal of pyrite.


    Tellurium Te American Elements

    About Tellurium. Tellurium was discovered in Franz Joseph Muller in 1782 when he isolated it as a trace component from a sample of gold ore. He initially believed his find to be antimony, but eventually realized its properties did not match any known element and reported his findings to other chemists.In 1798, Martin Heinrich Klaproth completed further tests to confirm that a new element had ...


    Selenium Tellurium Arsenic And Antimony

    637 E-mail address khattoriuottawa.ca The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 40, pp. 637-650 (2002) SELENIUM, TELLURIUM, ARSENIC AND ANTIMONY CONTENTS OF PRIMARY MANTLE SULFIDES KIKO H. HATTORI Department of Earth Sciences, University of

  • Pictures stories and facts about the element Tellurium

    Pictures Stories And Facts About The Element Tellurium

    Bismuth telluride heat pump. This is a small bismuth telluride thermoelectric heat pump. Apply a DC voltage and one side gets cold while the other side gets hot. If you attach a good heat sink and fan to the hot side, you can pump heat out of something, cooling it down. This particular device was deployed inside a USB-powered mini-fridge ...

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