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Dancer Tension Control Systems

  • Tension Control Systems Stemin Breitbach

    Tension Control Systems Stemin Breitbach

    power to either the TCS-310 dancer tension controls. See page 53. n Input switch selectable for 120 or 240 VAC, 50/60Hz n Output 3.2 amps continuous, 12 amps intermittent MCS-203 Dancer Control The MCS-203 automatically controls web tension through a dancer roll and sensor. It has 24 VDC output for use with TB, ATTB

  • Tension Control Systems Nexen Group

    Tension Control Systems Nexen Group

    Web tension and control sensors are the input devices used with tension control systems and web guide systems. Nexens web tension sensors include load cells for measuring the force applied to a sensor roller, roll diameter sensors, and rotary sensors used with dancer systems. Nexens web guide sensors include both edge and line following sensors.

  • Tension Control Systems Literature

    Tension Control Systems Literature

    I - Single roll tension control, automatic setting by dancer arm 16 - 21 II - Double roll tension control, automatic setting by dancer arm (modular) 22 - 23 III - Double roll or splicer tension control, automatic setting by dancer arm (compact) 24 - 25 IV - Double roll or splicer tension control, automatic setting by load cells 26 - 29


    The Mechanics Of Tension Control

    Where is tension control important in the process? Most converting applications include three types of tension zones unwind, internal and ... If your machine has dancers, you can calculate the loading of the dancer on the web if you know the web geometry and the loading force on the dancer. To do

  • Tension Control Systems Stemin Breitbach

    Tension Control Systems Stemin Breitbach

    Web Tension Control The BXCTRL Web Tension Control is a solid state electronic control that receives a signal from dancer input sensors or two load cells (customer supplied). It integrates two separate Digital PID Controllers and two separate Open Loop controls. nAll set-up is done via SD card or computer n When wired to dancer feedback or load

  • Tension Control Systems Catalogs Brochures

    Tension Control Systems Catalogs Brochures

    or TCS-310 dancer control system to provide smooth control of unwind stands operating at any speed. The sensor is mounted at one end of the dancer roll pivot shaft where it monitors the angu-lar position, direction of travel and relative speed of dancer arm movement. TCS-605-2 used with drive systems. TCS-605-1 Dimensions TCS-605-2 TCS-605-5 4 3/8

  • KR100969672B1 Precise tension control apparatus by

    Kr100969672b1 Precise Tension Control Apparatus By

    Fig. 11 is a functional configuration diagram of a tension control system using a load cell and an amplifier according to an example, and Fig. 11 is an example of the tension control system of a dancer system according to an example of the present invention. 12 is a flowchart illustrating a method of operating a tension control system according ...

  • Precise tension control of a dancer with a reducedorder

    Precise Tension Control Of A Dancer With A Reducedorder

    Apr 01, 2018 Dancer systems are used to attenuate tension disturbances by the motion of the dancer roll. The angle of the dancer rod is measured by a potentiometer, and feedback control with an adjacent driven roller is used to maintain the dancer roll in an equilibrium position.

  • US3811637A Pneumatic tension control system Google

    Us3811637a Pneumatic Tension Control System Google

    A pneumatic dancer web tension control apparatus for maintaining tension in a web being wound onto or unwound from a spool mounted on a spindle on a winding stand having a signal responsive brake for controlling the speed of the spool and a shiftably mounted sensing roll or dancer positioned to response to the tension of the web, the control system including a pneumatic brake control circuit ...

  • Optimizing Tension Control in Central Drive Winders

    Optimizing Tension Control In Central Drive Winders

    Both the position controller for dancer based systems and the tension controller for load cell based systems can be commonly referred to as technology controllers (see Figure 3). A technology controller is a closed loop control system that applies correction

  • Web Tension Basics Webconvertltd

    Web Tension Basics Webconvertltd

    Closed Loop Control System with Dancer Roll The Dancer Control does the same job as the above example, but with a different feedback. In this case, the feedback to the controller comes from the position of the dancer. If the dancer in the picture is too high, then tension is too high, and the controller knows that it must reduce the brake pressure.

  • AN00212002 Tension control

    An00212002 Tension Control

    the heat dissipation, servo systems offer a low inertia which allows much better tension control, particularly at low diameters. If the web is accelerating during machine start-up, the un-winder may need to be driven to accelerate the web onto the machine.

  • Web infeed tension control system with dancer roll

    Web Infeed Tension Control System With Dancer Roll

    Web infeed tension control system with dancer roll. United States Patent 4359178. An improved web infeed system feeds a web of material to printing plate roll having a tension sensor, a compact differential drive unit and a dancer roll mechanism. A main rotation input is imparted from a drive motor to the flexible spline while a portion of main ...

  • Web Tension Control Systems

    Web Tension Control Systems

    Winder Web Tension Control with Dancer arm Tension control is achieved by the integral PID Trim function of an AC Flux vector drive. This PID Trim function is used to control dancer position by sensing arm movement and trimming drive speed. Tension is adjusted by

  • Web tension control report full

    Web Tension Control Report Full

    Figure 1. Dancer control system configuration Dancer control system The operating principle of a dancer roll is to induce tension on a web type substrate through a mechanical mechanism (see diagram above). The simplest way to impart load on a dancer mechanism is by hanging weights ( A) where the load is regulated by

  • Modeling of Tension Control System with Passive

    Modeling Of Tension Control System With Passive

    Dec 03, 2019 ResearchArticle Modeling of Tension Control System with Passive Dancer Roll for Automated Fiber Placement Yi Liu, Qiang Fang , and Yinglin Ke e State Key Lab of Fluid Power Transmission and Control, School of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University,

  • Systems for the Web Tension Control Renova Srl

    Systems For The Web Tension Control Renova Srl

    Closed-loop regulation systems use instead load cells (or dancer roller), which detect the web tension and send an input signal to the control panel. The control panel compares the web tension detected by the load cells with the set point and send the input to the brake (or motor).

  • Web Tension Control Web Tension Controllers Double E

    Web Tension Control Web Tension Controllers Double E

    Web Tension Control Overview. Various web tension control systems available using load cells, dancers, ultrasonic sensors, and amplifiers. Load Cells. Double E load cells are designed using a full Wheatstone bridge strain gage mounted to a beam supporting the

  • Modeling and Tension Control of an Industrial Winder with

    Modeling And Tension Control Of An Industrial Winder With

    Sep 01, 2004 Winding tension control use either strain gauges or a dancer. This last approach was adopted and requires the position control of the dancer. For such approach, two industrial control principles are presented on figures 4 and 5. Fig. 4.

  • Tension Control Systems Tekmatic

    Tension Control Systems Tekmatic

    Although closed loop tension control systems offer the most advan-tageous method of providing web ten-sion control, be it dancer or load cell, there are some limitations to each type of system. In dancer systems, more space is required in the machine to accommodate the dancer arm and rollers, and some method, preferably an


    Tension Control And Winder Dynamatic Oem

    dancer position control on a centerwind. This method of control is probably the most accurate of all forms of tension control. If the sides of the dancer loop are approximately parallel, the mass of the dancer assembly is made as low as possible, and there is a

  • FixedOrder Tension Control in the Unwinding Section of

    Fixedorder Tension Control In The Unwinding Section Of

    Feb 22, 2011 Flexible materials such as textiles, papers, polymers, and metals are transported on rollers during their processing. Maintaining web tension in the entire processing line under changing web speed is a key factor in achieving good final product quality. Many industrial applications use dancer position feedback to indirectly regulate tension. Although widely used in the industry, pendulum ...

  • Graham International ReelingCoilingMachines

    Graham International Reelingcoilingmachines

    Graham International is Committed to Excellent Customer Service and Manufacturing Safe and Reliable Wire Handling Equipment. Reeling, coiling, spooling, reel racking, paralleling reels, measuring, reel storage, conduit storage, conduit carts, payout machines, floor rollers, turntables and more.

  • Magpowr Tension and Torque Control Allied Automation Inc

    Magpowr Tension And Torque Control Allied Automation Inc

    Designed for precise tension control, MAGPOWRs cost-effective Spyder Tension Control is capable of controlling web tension in closed-loop, open-loop, unwind, rewind, point-to-point or dancer applications. It measures tension from one or more MAGPOWR load cells and outputs a corrective analog signal to control a torque device.

  • Fibre Tension Systems for Filament Winding Equipment

    Fibre Tension Systems For Filament Winding Equipment

    The system also incorporates a dancer arm to add compliance to the system allowing very dynamic tension variations. Rotation of the dancer arm is controlled pneumatically. Fibre tension control is obtained from the feed back of the system mounted load cell.


    Pdf The Role Of Active Dancers In Tension Control

    A review of the problems in tension control of webs can be found in 10. Using Whitworths model for span tension dynamics, the dynamics of active/passive dancer mechanisms and an investigation ...

  • Control Engineering Inside Machines Winding Technology

    Control Engineering Inside Machines Winding Technology

    Jul 22, 2011 For tension control with dancer roll and speed correction, the web is routed over a dancer roll. The dancer roll attempts to deflect the material with a defined force. This deflection (dancer roll position) is detected using an analog sensor or encoder.

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