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Steep Seam Coal Mining In Spain

  • Conceptualization and finite element groundwater flow

    Conceptualization And Finite Element Groundwater Flow

    Nov 01, 2019 Coal mining in Asturias. First testimonials of coal exploitation in Asturias, Spain, come from the second half of 18th century. In the 19th century starts a more intensive and industrialized stage of activities due to a flourishing metallurgic industry (Anes and Ojeda, 1983). Asturian mines have been characterized by difficulties of extracting coal due to the very complex geological settings (commonly

  • New developments in steep seam mining Journal Article

    New Developments In Steep Seam Mining Journal Article

    The technical progress that has been made in recent years in the more area of support, coal cutting, and coal clearance has allowed the mechanization of steep and semi-steep seams. A new method was started in 1981 at the Simon colliery. A caving longwall mining method is used. The dip of the seam averages 33/sup 0/.

  • mining steep dipping seams

    Mining Steep Dipping Seams

    mining steep dipping seams . steep seam coal mining in western canada by open pit mining. steep seam coal mining in spain. cross section by the mining of coal seam with big dip angle (steep get a free quote mining mining More Info Live Chat ntc coal mining tiga pilar. Get Price.

  • Mining Machinery and Equipment for Coal Mining OSTROJ

    Mining Machinery And Equipment For Coal Mining Ostroj

    The Mining Machinery Division of Ostroj a.s. is an established manufacturer of mining machinery and specialized equipment for coal mining. We manufacture high quality shields, AFCs, BSLs, Boot Endsand associated equipment for the most demanding coalface operations, as well as specialist equipment for steep seam extraction at angles of over 40 degrees, including shearers and shields.

  • Technical Aspects of Mining Rate Improvement in

    Technical Aspects Of Mining Rate Improvement In

    Nov 24, 2020 Seam 510 in the Polish Kazimierz-Juliusz coal mine with the use of a unique mechanical face mining system. Seam 510, which is 1520 m thick and inclined at angles of 40 45 , was initially treated as uneconomical because e ective mining systems were not available. However, to extract high-quality coal resources, a completely mechanized variant of the sublevel caving system was designed

  • Research on Stability of Waterproof Coal Pillar in Steep

    Research On Stability Of Waterproof Coal Pillar In Steep

    Rules of waterproof pillars caving in steep coal seam The caving mechanism analysis of steep coal seam mining After the steep seam was mined, the roof rock curved and caved, the caving rock fell, then free space formed in the upper part of the mined-out area.When the height of the caving zone reaches a certain value, the upper pillar easily ...

  • PDF Subsidence Management System for Underground

    Pdf Subsidence Management System For Underground

    Potash mining is an important economic activity in the northeast of Spain. However, one of the main environmental issues produced for such type of mining is subsidence, which generates horizontal and vertical ground displacements. A Geographic

  • cross section steep seam coal mining

    Cross Section Steep Seam Coal Mining

    steep seam coal mining in spain - leconchecountryhouse.it. Cross Section Steep Seam Coal Mining. Cross Section Steep Seam Coal Mining. High-resolution 3-D seismic survey over a coal mine . The block diagrams show a steep slope on . thinned the coal seam, thus impeding longwall mining. Fig-ure 2 shows a geologic cross section of the roll ...

  • Longwall mining principles for safely working steep coal

    Longwall Mining Principles For Safely Working Steep Coal

    Longwall mining principles for safely working steep coal seams. Open file report 3 Dec 79-30 Jun 81

  • Safety and technological aspects of manless exploitation

    Safety And Technological Aspects Of Manless Exploitation

    Dec 31, 1997 The technology described is suitable for coal mining operations in hard coal seams consisting of geological disturbed coal with the occurrence of methane and can be used in steep hard coal seams with a dip of 60 to 90 degrees. The coal seam thickness should be greater than 0.8 m.

  • Steep Slope Mining Systems General Sequence of Mining

    Steep Slope Mining Systems General Sequence Of Mining

    the only surface coal mining method used in steep slope areas, but now it accounts for only a relatively small percentage of total production. Mining usually commences as soon as the coal haulage road has been extended to the coal seam cropline. Mining advances in such a way that pits become longer as mining progresses.

  • Deformation Mechanism and Control Ttechnology of

    Deformation Mechanism And Control Ttechnology Of

    Aug 11, 2021 The Xintie Coal Mine is under the administration of Qitaihe Branch, Heilongjiang Longmei Mining Group. As shown in Fig. 3, the primary-mining No. 49 steep coal seam, with a ground elevation of 211 m and a coal seam elevation of 141 -215 m, can be subdivided into two sub-layers with mean thicknesses of 1.5 and 2.0 m, respectively.

  • Virginia Coal veptenergy Virginia Tech

    Virginia Coal Veptenergy Virginia Tech

    In Virginias case, a number of factors in addition to seam thickness increase mining costs. Examples include steep terrain in the states coal-mining areas, geologic conditions that are unfavorable to mining (such as a number of minor faults), and reserve depletion that has occurred because of the states long coal-mining history.

  • Probabilistic analysis of subsidenceinduced strains at

    Probabilistic Analysis Of Subsidenceinduced Strains At

    Oct 01, 2000 1.. IntroductionFor many years, the profile function method has been successfully applied to predict subsidence induced by workings in horizontal or moderately dipping coal seams , , , , , , .Even profile functions for the case of steep coal seams have been developed .But subsidence induced by workings in very steep (7090) coal seams is so complex that none of the above-mentioned profile ...

  • Selection and Optimisation of Mine Pumping Systems

    Selection And Optimisation Of Mine Pumping Systems

    International Journal of Mine Water, VO .2(2), (1983) 1 - 19 Printed in Granada, Spain SELECTION AND OPTIMIZATION OF MINE PUMPING SYSTEMS E W Bridgwood*, R N Singhn*, and A S Atkins*

  • Physical simulation of upper protective coal layer mining

    Physical Simulation Of Upper Protective Coal Layer Mining

    steeply inclined coal seam (65) mining Figure 12 shows the displacement nephogram for the over-burden strata and the failure diagram of the model excavation roof for steep (65) inclined seam mining. In the figure, the maximum subsidence along the direction of the plane devi-ates toward the upward boundary. Generally, under these

  • Computation of influence functions for automatic mining

    Computation Of Influence Functions For Automatic Mining

    Mar 25, 2009 National Coal Board Subsidence engineers handbook. National Coal Board, London (1975) Google Scholar 8. Ou, Z., Zhu, J. Improving the Pearson function method for the calculation of surface movement after mining a steep seam. Coal Science

  • Study of Top Coal Partition and Key DelayedAction Region

    Study Of Top Coal Partition And Key Delayedaction Region

    Horizontal sublevel caving is the unique way to mine the steep and extra thick coal seams. We aim to determine reasonable height of horizontal subsection, which is crucial to ensure the output and safety of mining. For this aim, a theoretical model is established to determine the theoretical solution of elastic stress distribution in deeply inclined coal seam, and first principal stress ...

  • Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Overburden

    Experimental And Theoretical Investigation Of Overburden

    Sep 28, 2020 Due to the lack of relevant theoretical support such as overburden movement law and reasonable mining method in steep coal seam mining, the surrounding rock control of steep coal seam working face is difficult, the safety condition is poor, and the speed of promotion is slow, which lead to the frequent occurrence of mine dynamic disasters 9 ...

  • Physical simulation of upper protective coal layer mining

    Physical Simulation Of Upper Protective Coal Layer Mining

    Jun 09, 2020 4.3 Deformation and failure characteristics of the surrounding rock in steeply inclined coal seam (65) mining. Figure 12 shows the displacement nephogram for the overburden strata and the failure diagram of the model excavation roof for steep (65) inclined seam mining. In the figure, the maximum subsidence along the direction of the plane ...

  • Study on the Disaster Analysis and Countermeasures of

    Study On The Disaster Analysis And Countermeasures Of

    Subsidence Owing to Steep Seam Mining in Zhaogezhuang Mine Xiaofang REN* and Wenzhi ZHANG* (Received 27 May 2009, Accepted 20 November 2009 ) Surface collapse pit and bench-shape collapse basin are the main forms of surface movement in steeply-inclined coal-seam miningand are also one form of mine secondary geological disasters.

  • Comprehensive analysis of safe mining to heavy and steep

    Comprehensive Analysis Of Safe Mining To Heavy And Steep

    Aug 07, 2008 In virtue of effect of N-S intensive ground stress and mining disturbance to 579E2EB12 mining site at Weihuliang Mine, the dip angle and section height is 65 and 52 m, respectively, the collapses happed frequently during mining. Firstly, mining conditions, spatial structure and parameters were investigated. Then physical simulation and dynamic numerical tracing and

  • fullmechanizedlongwallcoalminingsteeplyinclinedcoal


    Full Mechanized Mining (longwall) on 78 Degree Steeply Inclined Coal Seam. 3212 (II) Working Face of Lushuidong Coal Mine of Guangneng Company of Sichuan Coal Group is located in the West Wing of Daluowan anticline. The panel length of this coal mine is 550

  • Research on Top Coal Caving Technique in Steep and Extra

    Research On Top Coal Caving Technique In Steep And Extra

    Jan 01, 2011 Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 2 ( 2011 ) 145 149 1878 5220 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd. doi 10.1016/j.proeps.2011.09.024 Available online at www.sciencedirect.com The Second International Conference on Mining Engineering and Metallurgical Technology Research on top coal caving technique in steep and extra- thick coal seam Juguo Zhang a , Zhiqiang Zhao a , Yang Gao

  • Hydraulic Traction Drive Prevails at Steep Inclines Coal Age

    Hydraulic Traction Drive Prevails At Steep Inclines Coal Age

    Sep 14, 2012 Typical room-and-pillar mines in steep seam mining applications advance in the dip direction of the seam AUSIMM 2009, pp.325 instead of the uphill direction. This performance is proof of the CM2s engineering and hydraulic system, and how an operator can rely on it when it comes to challenging mining conditions.


    Kb Harni Maszyny

    Cutter-loader coal combine for working on steep and steeply inclined coal seams. Information for mining mechanical engineers in Colombia, Spain, India, Vietnam. We repair, complete with any spare parts, assembly units cutter-loader coal combine POISK-2 (R). This coal combine are used for coal mining on steep and steeply-bent coal seams.

  • Steeply Inclined Seam Longwall Mining Method

    Steeply Inclined Seam Longwall Mining Method

    Nov 15, 2016 1. Introduction of Steeply Inclined Seam Longwall Mining Projects. According to the angle size, Chinese coal industry could be divided into the

  • Jono Parkinson Principal Engineer Marshall Mining

    Jono Parkinson Principal Engineer Marshall Mining

    Online Mining Intelligence and Benchmarking - Data analysis, productivity improvements and site comparison to AMCs benchmark database. ... Specialising in through-seam blasting in steep dipping,multi-seam coal pits. Continuous improvement in cast blasting. Continuous improvement in coal recovery by reducing blast damage. BHP Billiton

  • ForceFracture Characteristics of the Roof above Goaf in a

    Forcefracture Characteristics Of The Roof Above Goaf In A

    After coal is extracted from a working face in a steep coal seam (SCS), the immediate roof tends to cave in and refill the lower part of the goaf. Based on the geological conditions of a work area in a SCS and the characteristics of roof caving, this study proposed a formula for the width of the backfill in the goaf and analyzed the main factors influencing it.

  • Generally inclined slicing is practiced in the gently

    Generally Inclined Slicing Is Practiced In The Gently

    Case study Gidi A Colliery, Karanpura Coalfield, India Geo-Mining Parameter Seam Thickness 12 m Dip 1 in 3 to 1 in 5 Cover 70 m Seam worked Sirka seam Strata above 1.5m thick shale capped by bedded sandstone Strata below Shale at the floor Compressive strength of the coal 243 kg cm-2 Compressive strength of roof rock 711 kg cm ...

  • Conceptualization and finite element groundwater flow

    Conceptualization And Finite Element Groundwater Flow

    Nov 01, 2019 1. Introduction. Managing of environmental risks during and after coal mine closure is an important matter of concern in a scenario in which many exploitations have closed, or will do soon, in Europe (Didier, 2009, Klinger et al., 2011, Bondaruk et al., 2013, Younger, 2016).Such is the case of numerous mines in Asturias, Spain (Moreno and Lpez, 2008, Jardn et al., 2013).

  • Using experimental measures in elaboration and

    Using Experimental Measures In Elaboration And

    2 Model l Subsidence induced by mining steeply dipping coal seams Mines at Europe are quite often beneath inhabited areas, therefore much care must be taken to ensure that mine workings do not affect surface structures such as houses, roads, railways, etc. In the case described, a fairly steep seam was to

  • Europes coal legacy in pictures Environment The

    Europes Coal Legacy In Pictures Environment The

    Sep 07, 2021 Europes coal legacy in pictures Children play on the beach by Sines coal power plant, Portugal. Since this photo was taken, the country committed to phase out coal by the end of 2021.

  • Appendix E Coal Mining and Processing Methods Coal

    Appendix E Coal Mining And Processing Methods Coal

    outside the mining area for placement and storage. In the Midwest, where the surface topography and coal seams are generally flat, it is common to employ area strip mining in which the fragmented overburden is placed directly by large draglines in the space created where coal has been mined ().In some situations in the eastern United States, a coal seam occurring near the top of mountains is ...

  • Underground methods of working coal

    Underground Methods Of Working Coal

    ii . ABSTRACT nunderground Methods-of Working Coal is the subject of tllis thesiso It is the purpose of .this . investigation . to summarize all the mining methods under various con

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