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Why Doesnt My Sluice Box Work Right

  • How to SIZE a Sluice Box Mineral Processing Metallurgy

    How To Size A Sluice Box Mineral Processing Metallurgy

    Jul 29, 2015 How to SIZE a Sluice Box. This week I went and asked how to SIZE a sluice box to the crew on a large gold prospector forum and other sluice or gravity gold recovery experts and gathered the list of emails and forum posts here below. As you will see, in summary, most can optimize or troubleshoot a sluice box but few or none can size a gold sluice box.

  • Tuning Your Sluice The Fear Factor GoldHog Gold

    Tuning Your Sluice The Fear Factor Goldhog Gold

    Jan 28, 2017 Step number one in tuning a sluice is to lose all your gold because you are running it SO HOT. Yes, try and lose ALL the gold. If you skip this step, which most do, youll never really get it. What youll often discover is that you CANT lose it all. Youll

  • Why does sluicing work that way Discussion

    Why Does Sluicing Work That Way Discussion

    Jan 09, 2015 Instead of a sluice producing local ores, it produces ores according to the gravel you put in. However, the way sluices work now is that it only produces ores if there are veins in the area. Youd lose that believability aspect in exchange for a different one, namely producing ores that could exist in that stone type.

  • How I built a recirculating sluice box for gold prospecting

    How I Built A Recirculating Sluice Box For Gold Prospecting

    I placed the sluice behind some rocks that were partially damming the stream. I placed a heavy rock on a board on top of the sluice to keep it from floating up off the bottom of the stream. As the water cascaded over the dam, it fell right into the top of the sluice box right where the spraybar is located.

  • Why Are Dredge Sluices So Short Sluicing Highbanking

    Why Are Dredge Sluices So Short Sluicing Highbanking

    Apr 12, 2013 Fast water moving down the sluice pushes the gold down the box. If the water is moving slow enough, the gold will drop out quickly. If its moving too fast, it will work its way down and out of the sluice no matter how long it is. Thats why long slices are kind of irrelevant. Old timers used to make real super long sluices like 1000 feet long.

  • A sluice box question GOLD PROSPECTING Nugget

    A Sluice Box Question Gold Prospecting Nugget

    Dec 17, 2012 Sluice boxes made of steel sheet metal, aluminum plastic come in all sorts of designs, length, width, riffle configurations. Portability, the amount of water available (pump or gravity feed), the size of the feed material you put through it, and the size/weight of the placer gold where you work it are all critical factors.

  • Recirculating sluice box question TreasureNet The

    Recirculating Sluice Box Question Treasurenet The

    Dec 16, 2012 Hey guys, its me again lol. Just a question. I built a recirculating sluicebox using my royal 30 sluice box. I bought a 1250 gph bilge pump to power it and have the thing setup at the right angle of 2-1/2 to 3 and with everything at full power the thing just doesnt get the water flowing like it should.

  • new recirculating sluicebox help TreasureNet The

    New Recirculating Sluicebox Help Treasurenet The

    Jan 13, 2013 Hey guys, its me again lol. Just a question. I built a recirculating sluicebox using my royal 30 sluice box. I bought a 1250 gph bilge pump to power it and have the thing setup at the right angle of 2-1/2 to 3 and with everything at full power the thing just doesnt get the water flowing like it should.

  • Tuning Your Sluice The Fear Factor GoldHog Gold

    Tuning Your Sluice The Fear Factor Goldhog Gold

    Jan 28, 2017 Your sluice looks and operates quite different in the first 10 minutes from the last ten minutes. So we want to tune it with the knowledge that H.E. will cause some loading and impaction. Keeping the sluice right on the borderline of being too hot will often help the more material you run. Gold in my tailings tuning and testing.

  • 2 suction dredge Gold Dredging Forum

    2 Suction Dredge Gold Dredging Forum

    Dec 06, 2012 I have built my own 9 wide sluice box with high banker. Why ---cause this is not stuff you can buy off the self so no choice but to make my own. I have now converted the sluice box into a suction dredge My idea is to set it next to a small creek and suck out from underneath the big boulders.

  • Why Are Dredge Sluices So Short Page 2 Sluicing

    Why Are Dredge Sluices So Short Page 2 Sluicing

    Nov 03, 2013 The rest of the story is the water in the sluice gathers velocity the further down the sluice it goes. Higher velocity higher turbulence.br /br /So here is the process flow.br /1. Slurry is deposited in the sluice. In crash-box designs, the longitudinal velocity is zero.

  • Wolf Trap Long Sluice Box Folds 2 Speed Riffle Mining

    Wolf Trap Long Sluice Box Folds 2 Speed Riffle Mining

    Wolf Trap Mining SluicesNew Long Sluice BoxOnly 28 long Folded Designed For Back Packing Or To Fit Inside Of A Suit Case This is for a NEW Sluice FOLDING - TAKE DOWN - LONG SLUICE BOX With an Adjustable Speed Riffle All buyers Well Be Given A Second Chance Offer. This sale is for a single Long Sluice Box.

  • Using a Sluice Box 101 Gold Rat Highbankers Australian

    Using A Sluice Box 101 Gold Rat Highbankers Australian

    Chances are, if moving rocks in the stream bed is considered a violation so is using a sluice box. Make sure you know the laws The more water volume the better and generally speaking it doesnt hurt to fill the sluice with water right to the top of the sides if you can. A

  • Extremely Fine Gold Recovery ICMJs Mining Journal Forums

    Extremely Fine Gold Recovery Icmjs Mining Journal Forums

    Apr 14, 2015 The process of recovery is a process that continually upgrades the purity through a process of concentration. A sluice box recovers gold as a concentrate which has greater gold content. Recovery is a process of eliminating non-gold products from gold. Gravity methods rely on

  • Customer reviews Stansport Aluminum Sluice Box

    Customer Reviews Stansport Aluminum Sluice Box

    Aug 17, 2017 3.Replace the carpet with a better sluice matt. The wire mesh traps a ton of rocks. If it builds up too high the gold flows right over it. I still gave this 3 stars, it worked and trapped gold, but Ive now turned it into a box that doesnt fold and put a few hours into replacing the mat with a one piece mat, so Ill see how that works.

  • Gold Prospecting Equipment Should You Build Or Buy

    Gold Prospecting Equipment Should You Build Or Buy

    I say why pay the money when you can easily build a sluice with common materials. But back to the sluice box for a moment. Lightweight plastic is easy to work with. As long as one doesnt buy sheets more than a quarter inch thick, it can be reasonably cut with an exacto blade.

  • The Believer in Jesus Christ Paradox Sluice Box

    The Believer In Jesus Christ Paradox Sluice Box

    The man on the right who is trying to put out the fire with the water is The Devil. The man in Back Room represents the inner work and presence of The Holy Ghost who is ever supplying the oil that is fueling The Fire Please open your King James Bible and search out these verses of Scripture.

  • my sluice box build Show and Tell Old Forum Archive

    My Sluice Box Build Show And Tell Old Forum Archive

    May 12, 2012 my sluice box build. dfrew Posted Monday, 2 September 2013 103018 PM(UTC) Rank Gold Flake. Groups Registered Joined 5/12/2012(UTC) Posts 12 Location auckland. Thanks 3 times. If I can figure out how to put pics up i will put the progress of my sluice box up. File Attachment(s)

  • Troubleshoot Sticky Notes

    Troubleshoot Sticky Notes

    My pen doesnt work right with Sticky Notes. Try the following if your pen isnt working correctly with Sticky Notes. Check your Bluetooth connection If youre using a Bluetooth digital pen, turn it on and make it discoverable. Turn on Bluetooth on your PC if its not already on.

  • OK How do i choose a Sluice box GOLD PROSPECTING

    Ok How Do I Choose A Sluice Box Gold Prospecting

    Feb 28, 2013 The simple Royal Manufacturing sluice produced more than the Keene highbanker did and was used more because I didnt have to work so hard to lug all those buckets of samples to it. You can grab that Royal Sluice by the carrying handle and move it with you. Start simple, then you will know what you want to do next.

  • Converting GH stream sluice to highbanker Equipment

    Converting Gh Stream Sluice To Highbanker Equipment

    Feb 15, 2017 It should work fine. I have used it as a recirculating sluice before. Now I am just adding the top box. I will need to seal between the flair and my box. I think I will use duct tape so it can be easily removed when finished.

  • A Halloween Tale The Sluice Box Ghost

    A Halloween Tale The Sluice Box Ghost

    The sluice boxes in the days of the 1849ers were very similar to the one Raymond Spencer used on his claim. Sluice boxes were built of heavy wood planks because lumber was cheap and easily obtainable. It wasnt shipped in. Instead, it was milled locally. During the Gold Rush sluice box were first used to work the extremely rich bench deposits ...

  • Quick Highbanker Question GOLD PROSPECTING

    Quick Highbanker Question Gold Prospecting

    Feb 12, 2011 When you set the sluice box into the water for dredging, adjust the rear crosspiece (the one running under the riffles) so that it is just touching the water in the creek all the way across. Youre using the water as a level to ensure that the unit isnt leaning to the left or the right.

  • Straight awnser can you use a sluice in Western

    Straight Awnser Can You Use A Sluice In Western

    Sep 17, 2016 Just if a sluice can be operated in WA. So Ill answer that Yes. A sluice can be operated in WA. The laws of physics work the same way whether youre in Victora, WA on even on the other side of the planet, believe it or not. Sorry for not giving you a straight answer right away. Welcome to the forum haha sigh

  • which sluice to buy Sluicy gold equiptment Page 1

    Which Sluice To Buy Sluicy Gold Equiptment Page 1

    Jan 23, 2016 Great minds do indeed work alike. LOL Just got me a little peeved on what setup for the legs. I have come up with a plan to use square section aluminum that both folds flat under the banker for transportation and the rear are adjustable. I absolutely hate protrusions sticking out just at

  • Le Trap River Robber Sluice Box Gold Sluice

    Le Trap River Robber Sluice Box Gold Sluice

    This Sluice is one of the best scluice boxes in the market and a good choice using it as a high banker. If you try to cut carefully the top of it can work well in streams, rivers and some creeks with fast water running through it.

  • Why doesnt LastPass launch save update or autofill my

    Why Doesnt Lastpass Launch Save Update Or Autofill My

    Why doesnt LastPass launch, save, update, or autofill my data for a site? ... To check if your website is built on one of these, right-click on the websites login fields and view the context menu for more information. Delete the site entry and add it back. You can delete the

  • Highbanker Selection and Thoughts GoldHog Gold

    Highbanker Selection And Thoughts Goldhog Gold

    Nov 27, 2017 If you are going to build a double / extended sluice highbanker, which you should, you will often need 4 SETS of legs and leg brackets. These can easily run $25 $35 a SET. Its not unusual to have $150 in just your LEG system. Then you still have to find a shop to make flares, bend metal, grizzly bars, etc, etc, etc.

  • I need some opinions on my homemade sluice box

    I Need Some Opinions On My Homemade Sluice Box

    Jun 16, 2017 Clear Creek that runs outside of Denver was my first panning experience a couple summers ago and netted about 1/4 gram of dust and small flakes just using my pan over a couple months. I was hooked So I started learning more about other processes and

  • Beginners Guide To The Gold Sluice Box EzineArticles

    Beginners Guide To The Gold Sluice Box Ezinearticles

    The sluice box is U-shaped much like a large piece of gutter pipe with a wider opening at one end much like a flat funnel shape (where the dirt goes in) and then it ends with a straight U gutter or tray end. For a sluice to work it needs three (3) more ingredients. Firstly, there are small ridges inside the straight tray end of the sluice ...

  • Thinking of building a beach box TreasureNet The

    Thinking Of Building A Beach Box Treasurenet The

    Feb 19, 2020 Jan 29, 2020. 1. I see people use their gold cube with a sluice below that a lot at the beach in Washington. I dont have a cube and am thinking of using stuff I have on hand as much as possible to build a sluice. Ive got about 7 of 12 box available with legs and a 2,000 rule pump. I have plenty of deep v matting, but am also thinking of ...

  • Motorized Suction Mining is Allowed in California

    Motorized Suction Mining Is Allowed In California

    If I completely remove the sluice box from my 5-inch dredge, I am left with a floatation system which supports twin 6.5 HP Honda motors and pumps with a hookah compressor. I could use a single motor pump with compressor to power a 3 or 4-inch Hydro-Force nozzle jet .

  • Why doesnt my hopper deposit items in the box Arqade

    Why Doesnt My Hopper Deposit Items In The Box Arqade

    To me, it looks like the hopper is trying to deposit the items into the stone slabs next to it, rather than the chest. If you place the chest, then hold shift and right-click the chest while holding the hopper the hopper should snap to the chest, like in my picture below on the left (ignore the gap).

  • Where Did Le Trap Go Page 3 Gold Panning Sluicing

    Where Did Le Trap Go Page 3 Gold Panning Sluicing

    Jun 27, 2019 If you look at most of the pictures out there, the gold is caught in the top part of the riffles. Other than that being a few inches shorter at the exit end, it doesnt change the way the sluice box works at all. My response to was just to make sure that everybody had the real story and there was no misunderstanding of how mine came about.

  • high banking Gold Prospectors Association of America

    High Banking Gold Prospectors Association Of America

    Sluicer. Posts56. 10 Jun 2014 1054 AM. hi ron a good place to start is to adjust the angle of you high banker sluice 3/4 inch drop for every foot of sluice box. so a 4 ft. sluice would be about 3 inches of angel. you can also get a degree scale at your hardware store that you can set at 7 degree to fine tone your high banker.

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